When was the last time you felt you could safely share something significant in your life without fear of judgment or gossip? When have you been listened to without interruption or unsolicited advice? To be heard is a gift we receive and give to one another. Listening Companions is a community that comes together once a month to share, listen, and honor each other’s stories. We begin by gathering for reflection. Then, in small groups, each person has the opportunity to share something meaningful from the reflection time or anything else they need to speak and have heard. When we can honestly and safely share our stories out loud with others, we can hear our wisdom and truth as well as God’s. 

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4x4 Groups

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Spiritual formation

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men's ministry

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Caring ministry

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We seek to listen and serve with each other in times of need, in joy and in sorrow; recognizing the privilege of being there for each other with our time, love and compassion.  Click here for a list of ministries.

Weekly Study Groups

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