Renewing for God's Mission

A Time for Assessment

Members packed the lower level at 10:10 a.m. Sunday, June 9 to vote on whether or not to enter into a capital fund appeal in the fall of 2024. Of the 116 ballots received, 113 voted yes, 1 voted no, and 2 abstained.  This special meeting of the congregation follows a time of assessment these last few months which you can read about below.

Timeline of our Next Steps:

Summer 2024 – Campaign Organizational Phase

Fall 2024 – Campaign Congregational Solicitation Phase

November 2024 – Campaign Commitment Phase

Action taken June 9, 2024

Full Motion passed 113-1 by our congregation:

The Congregation authorizes the Church Council to contract with The James Company to conduct a capital campaign to raise funds for the following:

1. Pay off the remaining balance from the sanctuary project of $545,000 and any additional interest.

2. Address necessary repairs and maintenance including:

a. Replace the flat roof facing the parking.

b. Replace aged-out AC units and necessary HVAC repair.

c. Repair brick and mortar at bell tower and exterior of sanctuary.

d. Repair rust damage on exterior surfaces and replace leaking window seals.

e. Replace wind damaged entrance doors at 3rd Avenue and Drive-Through.

f. Refurbish the elevator.

g. Replace worn floor coverings on all 3 floors.

h. Paint walls and stain doors/trim woodwork to match new sanctuary décor.

3. Renew Key Ministry Areas:

a. Parking Lot

b. Narthex/Welcome Area

c. 3rd Floor Ministry Area for Children

d. 1st Floor Youth Room.

e. Using existing entries, provide clear welcome for newcomers.

4. Provide a defined portion of funds raised to designated ministry partners in accordance with Christ’s mission.

The final determination of what will be accomplished within the project plan will be based on the total amount pledged by the Congregation over 3 years. A final plan and budget will be presented to the Congregation for approval after the campaign and before contracts are signed.

more information

About the Project

Download the 4-page Q & A handout here

and watch a video of your most asked questions to the right (from June 2):  

A larger 15-page exhaustive list of Questions and Answers is available from the church office, but the link above document summarizes the most-sought answers.

Our proposed new expanded youth room with a wall removed between Room 111 in the foreground and the existing youth room in the background.

Steps Taken to Get Here

  • In March an Information Mailer was sent to all households. 
  • April 1-15: Information Gatherings were offered at church and in homes. See what Pr. Steve talked about in the video above.
  • 147 Households responded to our congregation-wide survey conducted in April.
  • Our consultant, The James Company, conducted individual interviews in April with a cross section of the congregation to gauge their interest.
  • Based on the responses, the council worked with The James Company to assess our readiness to conduct a capital campaign. 
  • On Sunday, June 9 our congregation voted 113-1 to approve a capital fund appeal to take place in the fall of 2024.