Faith is a Journey of Discovery. First Lutheran offers many opportunities to experience God and grow in faith:
• wonderful worship both traditional and contemporary

  • engaging ministries for  children and youth
  • serving the poor and making a difference in our community
  • spiritual vitality and growth for adults


God’s grace in Jesus Christ is worth the journey of our whole life. There is always more to discover about God. Wherever you are in the journey of life, there is a place for you at First Lutheran.

We each have our own story to tell. We discover more about God and life when we journey together with others. We come together as a people so that we might discover more: together.

What Do We Discover Together?

God places First Lutheran in the heart of the city,
to be God’s heart for all in the city.

God places First Lutheran in the heart of the city.

We believe God has placed First Lutheran in the heart of the city to be a sign and instrument of God’s mission of grace and love. We journey together to discover more and live into God’s mission as we gather in the heart of the city.

To be God’s heart for all in the city.

God offers love and redemption is for all people. God uses congregations to be a sign and means for that love. We journey together, discovering God’s amazing ability to renew us through God’s love and redemption in Jesus Christ.

What is God’s heart for all?

God desires the flourishing of human and creation life for all. Jesus says: “I came that you may have life and have it abundantly.” (John 10:10) We experience God’s life in many ways.

  • Life Created: God created us to enjoy God’s abundant life
  • Life Restored: God sent Jesus to restore life as gift in the face of brokenness.
  • Life Today: God sends the Spirit to free the heart for love, service, and the life God intended.
  • Life Tomorrow: God will fulfill all God’s promises and intentions for life. Nothing lies outside of God’s capacity for life. We are never cut off from God.
  • Life for All: God creates and sends the church to be a sign and witness to God’s abundant life for all.