Resurrection is For Living

Post -Easter worship series

In the weeks after Easter Sunday we dig into the stories found in the book of Acts that describe the mission of God passing from Jesus to the Disciples. we learn that God creates the church through the work of the Spirit of the risen Christ. When we return to the early disciples who live in the weeks and months after the resurrection, we return to the basic things the church does to carry out God’s mission for the world.

How do we do this? What does the church do that gives witness to resurrection living and gives witness to God’s mission of love and life? How do we act as the body of the risen Christ now in the world, what do we do? How do we express this?  The lessons in Acts say we return to the basics: baptism, communion, fellowship, prayer, forgiveness, bearing witness, serving others, following Jesus.

First Lutheran church is more than a voluntary association of like-minded individuals. We are more than any mix of programs or emphases. We are a people created by God, empowered by the Spirit of God, to bear witness to the love and life of God made known in the resurrection of Jesus.

Resurrection is for living, our everyday living.
The life of Jesus is for our life in the world.

Week by Week:

April 15-16: "Why Church?"
     Acts 2:14a, 22-32
April 22-23: "Do What You Are"
     Acts 2:14a, 36-41
April 29 -30: "For the Sake of Abundant Life"

     Acts 2:42-27

May 6-7:  "Finding My Way in Jesus"

     John 14:1-14

May 13-14: "It’s About Love"

      Acts 17:22-31

May 20-21:  "Prayer as Receiving"
     Acts 1:6-17

May 27-28: Pentecost Sunday:  "God at Work"
     Acts 2:1-11