fall worship Focus

Enter In: Baptism

Our 8-week worship series, “Enter In,” focuses on the Sacrament of Baptism. 

Each week we will learn about an element of the Baptism Liturgy and the theology therein, understanding more fully why we do each piece and its importance. 

The baptismal bowl will be out front for you to dip your fingers in the water and make the mark of the cross as you come to communion. The second to last week the entire congregation will collectively affirm our own baptism. 

That week we will also have an open font and blank baptism certificates if anyone wishes to come forward and be baptized. The series will culminate with our celebration around our 9th Grade confirmation students as they affirm their Baptism on Reformation weekend.

Sept. 9-10: Presentation: God’s Call and Claim on Us

Sept. 16-17: Promise:
The Role of Parents and Teaching the Faith

Sept. 23-24:
Profession of Faith:

Questions & the Creed

S. 30-Oct. 1: Praying with Thanks:
The Gift of the Spirit

Oct. 7-8:
Pouring of Water:
Giving us New Birth

Oct. 14-15: Processing into the World:
Let Your Light Shine!

Oct. 21-22: Proclaiming it Ourselves:
Group Affirmation
Open Font

Oct. 28-29: Putting Your Faith in Christ:
9th Graders Affirm
their Baptism