I'm a volunteer who may have been exposed to Covid. 

What should I do?

We have created some clear guidelines for all staff and volunteers so that all feel supported by our church and so they have a clear path to follow when personally dealing with this latest wave of Covid.  Here are the Covid Guidelines for staff and volunteers.

Fall Ministries are on track

Masks required for all indoor activities

November 17, 2021 Our Church Medical Team met and decided in light of Linn County’s continued transmission rate in the “high transmission” category of Covid (14.63%) we will continue to require face masks for all mirroring the CDC’s recommendation for “fully vaccinated people to wear a mask in public indoor settings in areas of substantial or high Covid-19 transmission.”

Our medical professionals are still comfortable with moving forward with our fall plans of a full start-up of Sunday School and programming including the return to serving weekly communion. We will continue to pause all meals including funeral luncheons served inside our building. 

In a prior meeting we said it would be okay for families who attend Wednesday night activities on tight time schedules to bring and eat outside food with an encouragement that they socially distance from other families.  We also feel the serving of pizza is best paused until further review. 

We continue to thank everyone for their patience.  All our plans are subject to change on a moment’s notice pending changes in viral activity, infection rates, vaccine efficacy and potential new public health and CDC guidance.  We will continue to monitor the situation daily and our team decided to meet regularly every two weeks until the transmission rates fall below 8%.

We know that God is guiding us through this challenge, just as God has guided us through many long and difficult challenges in our 150 year history serving the people of Cedar Rapids.  Keep the faith and be of good cheer. God will get us through! 

Any of our team members said they would love to hear from you with any feedback you might have.  If you are a member of the church and contact the church office, we can give you their contact information.  Our team consists of the following:

Name:                                 Role:                    
Pr. Craig Brown                Pastor/Lead     
Pr. Steve Knudson           Pastor             
Dr. Carla Schulz                Medical         
Dr. Cindy Hanawalt         Medical        
Dr. Gordon Baustian       Medical        
Dr. Tork Harman              Medical         
Daniel Luepke                  Staff                 
Joel Reeves                       Staff           
Marita Wolgast                Staff                     
Tonya Trudo                      Council              
Doug Pauls                       Council         
Rachel Truitt                     Member              
Ted Bey                              Member              
Judy Johnson                   Member