I'm a volunteer who may have been exposed to Covid. 

What should I do?

We have created some clear guidelines for all staff and volunteers so that all feel supported by our church and so they have a clear path to follow when personally dealing with this latest wave of Covid.  Here are the Covid Guidelines for staff and volunteers.

masks optional at first lutheran church

March 1, 2022

The First Lutheran Church Council with input from the medical team (consisting of staff, council, doctors and worshipping members) is removing the mask mandate for worship and all activities, effective March 1, 2022.  In addition, food can be served in the building, as volunteers and opportunities arise. Throughout the pandemic the medical team has recommended that we follow CDC guidelines for masking, social distancing and in-person gatherings to protect the health of our congregation, staff and community.  This change in FLC COVID-19 masking policy mirrors CDC guidelines for people in counties with low and medium levels of COVID-19 infections.  For the sake of welcoming and encouraging all, First Lutheran shall provide a mask friendly environment, and encourages those who wish to mask to do so freely and without judgement.  People should stay home when not feeling well, have tested positive for COVID-19 or have been in recent close contact with someone infected with COVID-19. 


Our physicians remind us that even when mask wearing is optional, masking is still important in preventing spread of COVID-19 and is recommended in unvaccinated individuals and among people who are at risk for severe infections.  COVID-19 infection rates are expected to fluctuate, and masking in addition to getting vaccinated and boosted will help protect those most vulnerable from severe disease and decrease the demands on health care systems.    


While the medical team will no longer regularly meet with one another, we will continue to keep our eyes on all matters related to the safety and public health of all people in our congregation.  We thank everyone for their patience and understanding throughout this ongoing and ever-changing process.  



Name:                                 Role:                   

Pr. Craig Brown                Pastor/Lead     

Pr. Steve Knudson           Pastor             

Dr. Carla Schulz                Medical         

Dr. Cindy Hanawalt         Medical        

Dr. Gordon Baustian       Medical        

Dr. Tork Harman              Medical         

Daniel Luepke                  Staff                 

Joel Reeves                       Staff           

Marita Wolgast                Staff                     

Tonya Trudo                      Council              

Doug Pauls                       Council         

Rachel Truitt                     Member              

Ted Bey                              Member              

Judy Johnson                   Member