Renwing for God's Mission

meeting the needs of the church and community

Ten years ago the congregation formed a Building Committee to look at the maintenance needs of our facility and develop plans to improve and renovate the building to be more modern, easy to navigate, and provide for our ministry and community needs into the future. The first phase, remodeling of the worship space and roofing was completed in early 2020; but phase 2 was put on hold when the CoVid pandemic set in. 

Now we are preparing to finish the renovations, making the rest of the building and warm, modern and inviting as our beautiful worship space; along with tackling mechanical needs like 25-year old furnaces.

Renewing for God’s Mission says that God’s mission of welcome, being the body of Christ, and serving others is central. Though building itself is not God’s mission, yet this building provides a vibrant place for God’s mission.

The Building Committee and Council will work with the congregation members in a collaborative way to define the scope for a building project that will result in a scheduled fund appeal campaign in the fall of 2024 or spring of 2025. Four general areas have been identified: Repair aging infrastructure, Remodel Entry, Narthex, Youth and Children’s Ministry, Retire Debt, and Reach-out with Mission/Ministry Partners.

Our Building Committee has held three forums on Sunday mornings, the latest of which was recorded so you can view it here! Click the image to play.

We are also soon setting up Room 111 with displays of photos and illustrations on the scope of the proposed project. Another Sunday Forum will take place Jan. 21 at 10 a.m., and discussion will also take place at the annual meeting Feb. 4