Our Spiritual Toolbox
   Week 4:
Steadfastness (AKA Spiritual Stubbornness) 


Let’s look at the second tool in our spiritual toolboxes.  Sometimes this tool is called steadfastness.  Other names it goes by are persistence, determination, discipline, commitment, dedication, and so on.  These names are both polite and lofty.  Honestly, though, this tool’s true name is stubbornness.  Think of a mule that refuses to budge, and you have a good sense of how this tool is both used and useful. 

The tool of spiritual stubbornness is like a glue gun.  It keeps us stuck to our faith, both the content and how we are called to live out that content.  It keeps us stuck to our integrity so we can live and speak with courage.  But like glue, our stubbornness isn’t meant to be messy “in your face” rigidity.  We don’t need globs of stubbornness, just enough to keep us stuck to what matters:  our faith in Jesus. 

Another way to understand spiritual stubbornness is to think of a ship’s anchor.  Storms and strong currents cause a ship to toss about, but only so much.  The anchor keeps the ship in place until the storm passes and the pull of the currents subside.  The writer to the Hebrews tells us that our anchor is sure and steadfast (stubborn!) because it is our hope in Christ. 


We have this hope, a sure and steadfast anchor of the soul.  — Hebrews 6:19 


 ♦ Reflecting on this week’s scripture: 

– You might rewrite it in your own words to reflect your own brand of spiritual stubbornness.
– You might rewrite it in your own words to reflect how Jesus is the stubborn anchor of your soul.


Stubbornness is an ambiguous tool.  There is always a tension between rigidity and flexibility.
– Where have you seen this tension in your own life?
– How do you discern when you are either too rigid or too flexible?
– On the other hand, how do you discern when you need to be more flexible or more stubborn?


♦ This week’s scripture is a good one to memorize!  Then you can pull it out as a tool for whenever you need the sure and steadfast anchor of Jesus in your life.



Bless my stubbornness  
Because — you are my hope.
Your are the sure and steadfast anchor of my soul.